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Sheep Dipping

Holy Lamb Organics does NOT use wool that has been dipped. See the following information about this practice, and you’ll understand why we don’t use this type of wool.

What is Sheep Dipping?

Live sheep treated with pesticides in a bath or by spray:

This is a practice used to kill parasites living on the sheep. Sheep dip pesticide must be absorbed through the parasite's skin. It is either sprayed on the animal or the animals walk through a bath and get “dipped”.

Usually this practice is:

  • employed on large sheep farms, usually in Australia & New Zealand.

  • Used in the USA when there is a parasite outbreak.
    • a way to treat or control parasites (such as ticks).

    • used frequently and repeatedly, attempting to prohibit re-infestation.

    What’s Troubling Us About Sheep Dipping

    • Applying a chemical to an animal, one which we feel is harmful to the animal, can be not only traumatizing, but not even helpful in the long run. The irony is, the process is meant to be helpful in terms of controlling parasites and insects, but these pesticides just don’t work well. Plus, the parasites build up a resistance to these chemical, so the process becomes a vicious cycle without an effective end.

    • This chemical is meant to be absorbed through the skin, any chemical residue would therefore get absorbed through human skin.

    • Since it’s a pesticide solution, the environmental factors are also a concern. Employing this practice near water or food sources on large farms is a scary prospect. And frankly, we just can’t support it.

    • Lastly, we feel that the final wool product is ultimately damaged by the chemical pesticide solution. This is not a natural process, or a particularly effective one, as it’s used repeatedly.

    NO Sheep Dipping Means

    • No harmful chemicals in the final wool fibers of our products, so no residue on you or your family from our bedding.
    • Safer water, food and land sources on farms that don’t dip their sheep.
    • A better wool product for us to use for your bedding and our world.
    Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
    Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News

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